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Pop'Box: Popcorn for microwave

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Pop'Box: Microwavable popcorn

Fresh popcorn can be made at home with ease

For those who prefer to make their popcorn quick and fresh, there is the one-of-a-kind Pop'Box: sweet or salty popcorn for the microwave. We abstain from using artificial sweeteners in the sweet version. Simply fold out the patented Pop'Box folding box on the two tabs and place the whole thing in the microwave. The popcorn is popped after two to four minutes. The viewing slots provide a clear look into the interior of the box, allowing you to see when the popcorn is finished. The delicious, crispy popcorn can be directly removed from the PFOA-free packaging. The Pop'Box is available in single and three-packs, delivered in cartons or displays.