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Included in the PCO Group's snacks programme: popcorn, nachos, slush, sweets and snacks for theatres, restaurants and retail.


PCO Group

The PCO Group is an internationally active company working with snack foods, and is also a reliable partner for theatres, retail and the food industry. Alongside the main offices in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Dassow, the PCO Group is represented in numerous countries including the UK and USA. The PCO Group is IFS- and Bio-certified, is regularly subject to evaluation, its foods assessed by independent institutions - and thereby fulfils the highest quality criteria.


Patented innovations


Innovations are a fixed component of the corporate culture. One of the most significant milestones of the company's history up to this point is the introduction and establishment of popcorn and nachos in German theatres. IceKing Slushy (slushies made entirely without preservatives) was also established by the PCO Group. These innovations, some of which are patented, include products like the Nachos & Dip box, meal trays for popcorn and drink cups, and reusable IML cups with toppers. The ready-to-eat popcorn specialties and candy floss products take a leading position in the food retail sector.


Quality guarantee and customer orientation


The PCO Group's philosophy includes technical know-how and strong customer orientation in all areas. This aspect also played a crucial role in the development of the Confectionery series - another milestone in the company's history. Starting at an order of only two boxes the labels on the premium screw-top jars, which can be filled with over 40 sweet or spicy sweets, can be individually designed and thus personalised to suit the customer's wishes.


The milestones of the PCO Group are:

2015 // Founding the PCO offices in the UK and Italy
2012 // Founding the PCO office in Spain 
2008 // Founding the PCO offices in Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands. Offices of Snapco LLC are also founded in the USA, Asia, South America and Australia.
2007 // Founding the PCO office in Romania
2006 // Founding PCO Group GmbH as a merger of the Popcorn Company and Octagon GmbH with headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Dassow, as well as offices in Poland (PCO Group Sp.z.o.o.) and Hungary (PCO Group Magyarország Kft.).
Before 2006 // - Internationalisation: Cooperation with customers on all continents - IFS and Bio certification - Structuring production for microwave popcorn and candy floss - Structuring popcorn production in Germany - Since the '80s: Introduction and establishment of popcorn & nachos in German theatres by the Popcorn Company and Octagon GmbH


From our operating locations in Europe we supply our customers on every continent. In Europe usually within a delivery time of just 1-3 days.


The PCO Group team is always happy to help you. Be it consultation, ordering, questions or support with technical problems, simply give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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From popcorn, slushy, candy floss, nachos or other snacks - individual all-round solutions for theatres, restaurants and retail are part of the PCO Group's core competence. A massive assortment of products and extensive storage capabilities form the basis for successful cooperation. The experts at PCO have years of industry experience, always keep in touch with their customers, and can thus provide perfectly customised snack food solutions.