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IceKing slushy
IceKing slushy
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IceKing slushy - cool slushy from a cool flute

Highest quality standards in ingredients, hygiene and disposal

Colourful, cool, refreshing, delicious - the IceKing slushy is a popular refreshment for all ages. The word slushy, as the name implies, refers to the consistency of the semi-frozen sorbet made from water and syrup in special machines. For example, the colourfully fruity flavours Woodruff, Strawberry, Cherry, Forest Fruit, Cola, Orange, Peach-Passion Fruit and Raspberry are available to choose from. The mixture ratio of 1:7 is especially fruitful - it is worth comparing! We also place great emphasis on the highest quality when selecting our ingredients: The syrup is guaranteed free of preservatives and synthetic azo dyes. The bag-in-the-box system also ensures hygienic, compact storage as well as environmentally friendly disposal.

IceKing slushy, IceKing lemonade and everything in between

Also on the menu is IceKing lemonade. The tasty, cold beverage is made in a special machine using syrup and water and is poured completely fresh. The cool refreshments taste especially good in their respective flutes or cups equipped with straws. With the PCO Group you receive everything you need for a successful slushy business. We market a wide range of products from IceKing ingredients and IceKing packaging to IceKing equipment, special advertising materials and video instructions.