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IceKing slushy
IceKing slushy

IceKing slushy – cool slush made from cool horns®

Highest quality standards for ingredients, hygiene and disposal

Colourful, cool, refreshing, delicious – IceKing slushy is a popular refreshment for young and old. Slush is the English word for snow slush and refers to the consistency of the semi-frozen sorbets, which are made from water and syrup in special machines. You can choose from, for example, the colorful and fruity varieties of woodruff, strawberry, cherry, forest fruit, cola, orange, lime, green apple, pineapple, watermelon, cotton candy, bubblegum, peach-passion fruit and raspberry. The mixing ratio of 1:7 is extremely productive - it's worth comparing! We also attach great importance to the highest quality when selecting the ingredients: the syrup is guaranteed to be free of preservatives and synthetic azo colors. The bag-in-the-box system also ensures hygienic and space-saving storage as well as environmentally friendly disposal.