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Popcorn Salt
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Popcorn salt: specially made for popcorn

Fine salt coats popcorn better than more common products

Popcorn salt is one of the most crucial popcorn raw ingredients, along with popcorn kernels and popcorn oil. Salty popcorn is a popular snack in many countries. However, special popcorn salt should be used when preparing salty popcorn. It has a very fine consistency as well as - thanks to natural dyes like curcumin - an appetisingly yellow colour and coats the popped kernels better than common salt varieties. Cretors popcorn salt is available in a 22.68 kg carton and in smaller packaging with 1.81 kg each. In addition a special salt with a butter flavouring was developed and is available in a 6 kg bucket or in 800 g bowls.