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Popcorn Flavour
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Popcorn flavourings: extra flavour for your popcorn

Gourmet mixes for kettle corn ensure a variety of flavour

Sweet or salty? There is now a much greater variety of flavours to choose from when it comes to popcorn. Open up your own gourmet popcorn factory. Instead of sugar, all you have to do is add our gourmet kettle corn mix to the kernels in your popcorn machine. The fresh roasted kettle corn can then be served in matching foldable boxes.

Popcorn spices from Kernel Season's add pep to finished popcorn

The flavourful spectrum of popcorn can also be expanded with popcorn spices from Kernel Season's, which can simply be drizzled over the finished popcorn. Salty popcorn can be pepped up with Kernel Season's popcorn spices from 900 g-dispensers mounted either in a floor or counter display at the sales station. However, the popcorn spices are also available in smaller sizes (80 and 25 g) that your customers can take with them. "BBQ" and "Butter" are available alongside various cheese flavourings such as "Nacho Cheddar", "Parmesan & Garlic", and "White Cheddar". "Ranch" and "Sour Cream & Onion" are reminiscent of a spicy herbal quark. "Chocolate & Marshmallow" is the ideal flavour for sweet popcorn.