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Nacho Warmer
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Nacho heaters bring corn crisps up to "snacking temperature"

Nacho heaters from renowned manufacturers for different quantities of nachos

Nachos are preferred warm in the cinema and restaurants alike. Special nacho heaters with base hotplates, with room for 3 or 4 kg of loose nachos, bring the corn crisps up to "snacking temperature". The PCO Group offers various devices, including those from the renowned manufacturers Cretors and Gold Medal. The nachos can be removed from the heater with a scoop and are poured into nacho bowls. The desired dip from the dip dispenser along with jalapeño peppers is added - and the popular Tex-Mex snack is ready. The nacho circulating heater even keeps 6 kg of corn crisps warm. Nacho combo heaters with base trays are available for pre-portioned nachos with cheese dip in nacho bowls.