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Nachos with Dip
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Nachos with dips - the perfect snack combination

Various types of packaging: box, cup, bag or party sun

The complete enjoyment potential of crispy nachos can be perfectly revealed by dipping them into cheese, salsa, sour cream or avocado dip. Therefore the PCO Group also offers nachos with dips in different combo packs, such as the Hombre nachos & dip box with a 100g bag of Hombre pepper chili nachos and the choice of salsa, cheese or sour cream dip. By opening the perforation around the package and folding out a hook on the box, the package instantly turns into a nacho tray with enough room for the corn crisps and the opened serving cup.

Nachos with dips – for every taste

The Hombre nachos & dip cup makes comfortable snacking easy. A 90g serving cup of dip with one of the four available dips (salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole) is accessibly fastened onto the lid of the practical 75g IML cup. Hombre nachos in the flavours "Classic", "Barbecue" and "Pepper Chili" can also be purchased in a 125g bag, a guaranteed attention grabber at the counter or on the snack rack. The Hombre nachos party sun, a combo pack with two bags of nachos (150g each) and three various dips (90g each) offers a little bit of each. There is room for more hands and it guarantees the right flavours for all tastes.