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Oil Pumps for Popcorn Popper
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Oil pumps for popcorn machines for comfortable, hygienic handling

The PCO Group sells products from renowned manufacturers

One of the most important raw ingredients for producing popcorn is popcorn oil, which is heated together with popcorn kernels in the popcorn machine. With smaller devices the oil can be poured manually into the kettle with a measuring spoon. Oil pumps for popcorn machines simplify operation even of mid-sized models. As a complete supplier for popcorn businesses, the PCO Group offers devices from the renowned manufacturers Cretors and Gold Medal.

Bucket of oil or bag-in-the-box

There are two different systems: Oil pumps for bucket oil or the so-called "bag-in-the-box system". The former is simply placed over the open bucket. You heat up the popcorn oil and pour the set amount automatically into the kettle. Solid popcorn oil must be heated with a heating element and liquefied before applying the oil pump. On the other hand, the bag-in-the-box system is hygienic, compact and easy to operate. The cardboard casing with a plastic bag of popcorn oil is connected to a special oil pump via an adapter. The oil pump dispenses the desired amount of oil and additionally comes with heated oil hoses that ensure the oil does not solidify and clog the hose.

Bag-in-the-box oil pump has many advantages

Bag-in-the-box is a unified pump system. This prevents foreign items from entering the oil while connecting and switching. Another advantage: The empty cartons can be very easily folded, separated from the plastic bags and disposed of. The cartons can also be stored compactly, such as in special heating racks. There the disposable cartons can all be kept at operating temperature and can be directly switched over when necessary.