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Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

Candy floss – sweet childhood memory with a new look

Long-lasting and ready-to-eat candy floss from the PCO Group

Many people associate the aroma of the heated sugar with unforgettable childhood memories. Because of its main ingredient, candy floss tastes sweet above all else. By adding food dyes and additional flavours, however, the visual and taste spectrum expands. Most extraordinary is the shape and consistency of the cotton-like mass on the wand. This makes it a popular snack that, freshly made, is usually offered at fairs. It takes five to six grammes of crystallised sugar to make one serving of candy floss. This is heated at around 150 degrees Celsius, liquefied and spun into threads by centrifugal force in special machines. These threads are hardened upon cooling off, and can be wound up onto a wand via rotating motions in a round basin.