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Popcorn equipment: machines and supplies for popcorn pros

Popcorn machines, oil pumps, undercarriages, heaters, caramelisers and supplies

You need both premium popcorn ingredients and professional popcorn equipment if you want to make delicious popcorn. This includes popcorn machines and additional appliances like oil pumps for the machines - including oil pumps for tub grease, or the so-called "bag-in-the-box system" - and popcorn heaters, in which fresh-roasted popcorn can be warmed up to the right temperature and then attractively stored and presented. The complete provider, the PCO Group, offers a broad selection of appliances from the renowned popcorn machinery manufacturers Cretors and Gold Medal - and in various sizes and designs. The undercarriages for popcorn machines, in which you can efficiently store ingredients like popcorn kernels, grease, popcorn sugar and salt, and oil pumps and other supplies, are also practical. Carameliser for making toffee popcorn, as well as equipment like popcorn scoops, measuring cups, heat-resistant gloves, and heating rods round off the PCO Group's assortment of popcorn equipment.