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Halal Products
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Halal products – delicious treats without pork gelatin

Cola bottles, bears and peaches – permissible enjoyment at the Pick & Mix display

Common fruit gummies are made with pork gelatin, and are thus taboo for those who eat halal foods. However, there is a colourful selection of halal products in the PCO Group's Pick & Mix line. These include iconic Coca-Cola bottles, animal-shaped treats such as halal crocodiles and bears, as well as halal peaches and - pork gelatin-free guaranteed - lard ropes. The lids for the halal Pick & Mix boxes are made from premium plexi-glass and equipped with a special imprint. This allows Muslim customers to recognise the permitted delicious sweets right away. 80 types of sweets are currently available, including halal products, fruit gummies, jelly beans, liquorice and others.