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Halal Products
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Halal products – treats without pork gelatine

permitted enjoyment at the Pick & Mix stand

Conventional fruit gums are made with pork gelatine and are therefore taboo for people who eat a halal diet. However, the PCO Group's Pick & Mix offer includes a colorful selection of halal products. These include iconic Halal Cola bottles, animal delicacies such as Halal crocodiles and bears as well as fruity Halal peaches and - guaranteed pork gelatin-free - bacon ropes. The lids of the boxes for Halal Pick & Mix are made of high-quality Plexiglas and have a special print. This means you can recognize the sweets that are permitted for Muslims at the Pick & Mix stands at first glance. There are currently over 80 types of confectionery to choose from, including halal products, fruit gums, jelly beans, licorice and other varieties.