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Popcorn Warmer
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Popcorn heaters for every event

Cabinet heaters, built-in heaters and heating counters

To make popcorn professionally, premium raw ingredients for popcorn and popcorn machines are inevitable. But additional appliances like popcorn heaters, oil pumps or undercarriages for popcorn machines are often reasonable. The complete providers of the PCO Group provides a large selection of devices from the renowned popcorn machine manufacturers Cretors and Gold Medal. Models of various sizes and designs provide the ideal solutions for all customer needs.

Popcorn heaters with cabinet for packaged or loose popcorn

Glazed cabinet heaters can be opened with double or sliding doors. With one motion of the hand full popcorn bags or bowls can be placed inside for heating or taken out. Cabinet heaters with an open front and back side are heated with heating coils and hot air, and offer lots of space for packaged popcorn. There are also popcorn heaters with circulated hot air systems for loose popcorn. For instance, the "popcorn station special" is a supply and rack heater filled from the back so that the customer can help themselves from the front. Corresponding design and illuminated signs on all devices optimise presentation and increase advertising effectiveness.

Built-in heaters: the right temperature and well-lit

Popcorn heaters built into the counter are ideal for large quantities of popcorn. Capacity and execution can be attuned to fit your exact desires. They are made from stainless CNS steel and safety glass, and usually come with a reflective internal cabinet. This creates the illusion of an "endless" amount of popcorn. Various lighting elements ensure that the supply is not only kept at an ideal temperature, but also appears in the best lighting. The so-called built-in heaters for heating the reserves of loose or packaged popcorn are available for installation in the front counter or in the rear buffet. They may also be equipped with partitions and hanging racks. They can thus also be filled with nachos and dips.