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Jalapeño Peppers
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Jalapeño peppers for that extra spice

Jalapeño peppers: These fiery little fruits are spicy and healthy

The jalapeño is a small, pepper-like fruit primarily grown in Mexico and the USA. Cut into rings and pickled, jalapeño peppers are popular as an extra spicy addition to nachos and dips. Anyone who likes it spicy tops the corn crisps with the little green fruits. These not only add extra spice to the snack, but are also quite healthy. Jalapeños contain a lot of vitamin C and capsaicin, a naturally occurring alkaloid in various types of pepper. This compound is responsible for the spiciness of the pods, promotes circulation and is also a proven deterrent against infections. Fiery jalapeño peppers from Hombre are available in different types of packaging - tins, screw top jars and serving packs. Special nacho equipment, such as stainless steel jalapeño coolers, guarantees hygienic storage.