Informationen zu den Warenlieferungen zum Jahresende 2023

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Miscellaneous Sweets
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Other sweets - even more sweets for your offer

Fruit gums, biscuits, sweet bars and popcorn specialties

The PCO Group - as a complete outfitter for the counter and supplier for the trade - also has sweets in bags, cups and other packaging in its program in its wide range of confectionery and snack items. Those with a sweet tooth can choose between classic bars such as Bounty, Mars, Snickers and Twix, Mentos rolls, Oreo biscuit minis and various types of Haribo fruit gums in bags. The confectionery also includes ready-to-eat popcorn specialties in bags, such as premium choco popcorn in the flavors white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as toffee popcorn.