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Displays: Pick & Mix for every type of space

Pick & Mix: Elegant displays in various sizes and designs

The Pick & Mix products, with over 80 types of sweets, are colourful and diverse. It is especially beautiful in the black Pick & Mix displays. The elegant stands with LED lighting present the sweets in the best light. The boxes in which the sweets are delivered can be placed directly into the stands. The premium plexi-glass lid is simply taken from the empty box and placed on the new one, without any tedious packing and unpacking. The complete provider, the PCO Group, has displays in various sizes and designs for every type of space. For instance, there are small displays for six disposable boxes, as well as medium-sized for nine and large displays for 15 boxes of sweets. However, the largest selection of a wide variety of snacks is provided by the so-called island stands with a middle portion for 15 boxes and side portions for 13 boxes each.

Practically combined: Sweets boxes and special dispensers

The customers can easily serve themselves from the boxes of fruit gummies, liquorice and halal products by using tongs or a scoop. Special dispensers also simplify the serving of exact portions of jelly beans. For this reason the PCO Group has developed combination Pick & Mix displays with dispensers. The transparent, cylindrical containers guarantee simple and hygienic serving of portions, and are also a real attention-grabber. These types of stands have practical features as well, such as shutters for sealing, and storage compartments and cupboards in the base to store Pick & Mix sweets and packaging. The Pick & Mix displays from the "basic" model series for nine or twelve boxes are an affordable alternative and are easy to assemble, thanks to a push-fit system.