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Popcorn Bags
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Popcorn bags - beautiful holder for crispy popcorn

Large selection of sizes and designs

Popcorn bags are the most affordable alternative to popcorn bowls and popcorn boxes and trays. There are four sizes and various designs to choose from. The standard design and the ecologically produced "Eco" popcorn bags are presented in classic sleekness. However, the real eye-catchers are the bags with the "Art in the Theatre" design of the film poster artist Renato Casaro. They are inhabited by acting legends like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Charlie Chaplin in scenes from popular artworks such as Leonardo's The Last Supper and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. The PCO Group offers attractive popcorn bags showing the stars from current blockbusters, too. This makes the beautiful packaging for crisp popcorn an ideal advertising space for upcoming films. Upon request the PCO Group also prints custom labels on popcorn bags and thus earns the customer guaranteed attention.