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Machines & Equipment
Machines & Equipment

Machines & Equipment for Popcorn, Nachos, Slushy, etc.

Make, Heat, Store, Cool – the Right Appliance for Every Need

Popcorn, nachos, IceKing slushy or lemonade, Hombre Nuts and candy loss are simply part of the food business, or visiting the theatre. As the complete provider, the PCO Group offers a broad selection of machines and equipment for making the respective snack or drink, including those for keeping them hot or cold.

Popcorn equipment and supplies

Popcorn is, and remains, the classic theatre snack. The range of popcorn equipment is accordingly large. This includes popcorn machines in various designs and sizes, as well as oil pumps for popcorn machines, popcorn warmers, undercarriages for popcorn machines, mobile counters for popcorn, and accessories.

Nacho Equipment for Warm Corn Crisps and Dips

Nachos with dips and jalapeños are the top favourite for fans of spicy snacks in restaurants or the theatre. The corn crisps taste best when warm. The nacho equipment from the PCO Group thus includes machines and accessories for different applications and requirements. There are nacho warmers for loose nachos and nacho combo heaters for ready-to-serve nacho servings with cheese dip serving cups. Dispensers serve dips at the push of a button and keep cheese dip warm, and other dips such as salsa and sour cream are kept at room temperature. Mobile counters for popcorn and nachos are additional, flexible sales stations for peak hours, or at events.

Slushy and Lemonade Equipment for Cool Drinks

IceKing Slushy machines, undercarriages and accessories are included in the slushy equipment for professionally making cool slushies. The devices cool the mixture of water and slushy syrup, and at the same time ensure that the slushy retains its typical semi-frozen texture through constant motion. However, to make IceKing lemonade, you need special lemonade machines that cool the delicious mixture of special syrup and water like a bubbling fountain, and keep it moving. Undercarriages and accessories are also included in the IceKing equipment.

Hombre Nuts Warmer, Candy Floss Machines, Booster Seats and Other Machines

Hombre Nuts are also stars at the counter. These peanuts in a crispy-spicy shell are stored and attractively presented in a special Hombre Nuts warmer with an illuminated lid and heated base plate. The PCO Group also offers suitable products for its candy floss line, including non-perishable candy floss in a freshness container and candy floss machines. The booster seats for children are another bonus for theatre enjoyment. Whoever sits on these will simply have a better view.