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Nachos & Dips
Nachos & Dips
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Nachos - a spicy snack from Tex-Mex cuisine

Corn crisps and dips aren't just delicious at the cinema

Nachos are the ideal on-the-go snack. The salted crisps made from cornmeal are a snacking specialty from Mexican cuisine. They are originally made from tortillas that are cut into triangles and deep fried. The warm cheese dip or refreshing sour cream, salsa or guacamole provide an extra serving of enjoyment. Anyone who likes it spicy garnishes their nachos with jalapeño peppers.

Nachos and dips: hardware and software

Nachos are in demand at the cinema or the video store, at the petrol station, in the beverage or supermarket or in restaurants. The PCO Group offers customised solutions for all customer needs. The range of nacho products consists of nacho ingredients such as nachos, various dips and jalapeño peppers in different serving sizes and quantities, as well as "nachos with dips" combo packs. The "software" is primarily made by the brands Hombre and Ricos. Nacho packaging such as nacho and dip bowls as well as the nacho equipment are included in the "hardware". To this end the assortment of products ranges from various nacho heaters, nacho combo heaters and dip dispensers all the way to mobile stands for nachos. Advertising materials like posters and stand-up displays help stir customers' appetites.

Nachos and their inventor Ignacio

Nachos stem from Tex-Mex cuisine and are popular worldwide. In their homeland of Mexico corn crisps are eaten as a side or first course and are served not just with dips, but also with ground beed or chicken dishes. Nacho was originally a Mexican nickname for Ignacio and refers to the "inventor" of the popular corn snack. The alleged origin story of nachos can be found in the 1949 cookbook "A Taste of Texas": The chef of the restaurant where Ignacio Anaya worked as a bartender was nowhere to be found one evening. In a state of urgency Anaya went into the kitchen himself and prepared an improvised dish from the ingredients available: tostadas (deep fried tortillas) baked with cheese and garnished with strips of jalapeño. It apparently pleased the guests, resulting in the dish being incorporated into the restaurant's menu as "Nachos Especiales", and taking the entire world by storm thereafter.