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Dips give nachos that certain something

From mild to spicy: sour cream, cheese, salsa dip

Dips are warm or cold sauces that add that certain something to popular snacks such as nachos. Dips come in different flavors. Cheese dip is served warm and for this purpose it is heated beforehand in a cheese dispenser or in a portion cup. One of the classic dips is salsa dip, which is made from sun-ripened tomatoes and refined with onions, lemon juice, salt and a little garlic as well as a spice mixture of jalapeño peppers, red peppers and Mexican chili peppers. The Hombre Salsa Dip comes in “mild”, “spicy” and “hot” versions – depending on your taste. Sour cream, curry or sweet chili dips, on the other hand, are light and fruity.

Dips in different packaging

All dips are available in different packaging sizes - the smallest version in a portion cup, which can be attached to the lid of the combination packaging of nachos with dip - as well as in screw-top jars, cans, foil bags and dispenser containers. The portion cup with cheese dip from Ricos is also suitable for heating in the microwave.