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Popcorn Oil
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Popcorn oil

Heat resistant oils are a must for making popcorn

Popcorn oil is a special type of oil. It has been created solely for the production of high-quality, premium popcorn. In the kettle of the popcorn machine the popcorn oil, kernels and popcorn sugar or salt quickly heat up together to around 200 degrees Celsius. For this reason popcorn oil needs to be especially heat-resistant and have a high smoke point. This means that smoke begins to form later in the heating process than with more common oils. This trait prevents burning and is thus a deciding quality factor in the production of delicious popcorn.

Popcorn oil for every event

The PCO Group provides the ideal popcorn oil for every demand and taste. Available are:

  • Special oil, semiliquid
  • Coconut oil, sweet and salty
  • Popgenuss
  • Popcorn oil Poppy

Our special oil is a neutral popcorn oil suitable for the production of both sweet and salty popcorn. The combination of vegetable oil and vegetable fat gives it a semiliquid consistency. Coconut oil is available in sweet and salty. The addition of beta-carotene gives the finished popcorn a golden hue. Popgenuss is a vegetable oil for creating sweet popcorn. The added flavour gives the popcorn a fine taste of nuts and vanilla. The popcorn oil Poppy was developed specifically for use in small popcorn machines. It is ideal for making smaller quantities of sweet and salty popcorn.

Popcorn oil in a variety of packaging

The semiliquid special oil, coconut oil and Popgenuss are available in buckets or as bag-in-the-box. The ideal type of packaging for you depends on your popcorn machine and your processes for making popcorn.

Popcorn oil as bag-in-the-box

Bag-in-the-box is a cardboard carton that contains a plastic bag of popcorn oil. This system is particularly hygienic, saves space during storage and makes disposal as easy as can be. A technical requirement is an oil pump for the bag-in-the-box system. These pumps keep the popcorn oil at operating temperature, dispense exactly the desired amount and are also equipped with heated oil hoses. In addition special heating racks keep all your replacement cartons at operating temperature, thereby facilitating a perfect popcorn-making process. Once a carton is completely emptied, simply hook up a new carton from the heating rack - no waiting time at all.

Popcorn oil in buckets

Popcorn oil from buckets can be scooped out with a suitable measuring spoon. However, it must be poured manually into the popcorn machine. It is far more convenient to use a special oil pump for bucket oil. It is simply placed on top of the open bucket, heats up the popcorn oil and feeds the dispensed amount into the kettle automatically. Should any coconut oil be used, it must be warmed up before the oil pump is placed on it due to its high solidity. Heating rods for bucket oil are available for this purpose.

Popgenuss is supplied both in a canister and as a bar of oil. You are able to add popcorn oil in smaller amounts when operating small popcorn machines. Our popular popcorn oil Popgenuss for sweet popcorn is delivered in a 4.5 kg canister. It is dosed out through a dispenser. The popcorn oil Poppy - ideal for sweet and salty popcorn - is also available in practical 250 g bars.