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Popcorn Trays
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Popcorn trays for more enjoyment

Attractive combo packaging for big and small

Popcorn trays and folding boxes are more stable alternatives to popcorn bags. Popcorn meal trays are a practical form of combo packaging that not only provides room for fresh-roasted popcorn, but also for a drink cup. Popcorn trays are available in the popular "Poppy red-and-yellow" design as, to name one example, a size 3 speed pack for a medium serving of fresh popcorn and a large drink. The kids' tray Poppy red-yellow also provides room for two candy bars. A popcorn bag, drink, and sweets are easy to carry with the carry-out tray. Multiple theatre snacks are even easier to carry with the kids' tray with handle.

Popcorn meal trays with today's movie heroes

Meal trays with a hoop for IML cups and straws, or PET bottles, as well as room for a lot of popcorn, are available in various designs and sizes. The patented combo packs available exclusively from the PCO Group are printed with today's movie heroes. Topper figurines of these heroes are often available as well. These can be fastened onto the drinks' lids and, with a patented adapter, even fit on PET bottles. Attention: Collection alert! Four different tray sizes are available: 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, and 1 litre bottles, and 56, 85, or 160 oz. of popcorn.