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Sweets & Snacks
Sweets & Snacks
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Sweets & Snacks - flavours for all occasions

The assortment of PCO Group ranges from chips to candy floss

Whether in the cinemas, at events or at home: Everyone loves to nibble snacks. But everyone’s tastes are different. With its range of confectionery and snacks the PCO Group covers a wide range of tastes: from sweet and salty to spicy and hot. The favourite snacks in the cinema include all types of popcorn and nachos and dips, as well as a colourful assortment of sweets, as offered at the Pick & Mix. The Confectionary series with different varieties of sweets and snacks is available in high quality jars that can be designed individually - for example with the company logo on the sticker. The Movie Mix comes in several varieties mixed in a handy cup. In addition, PCO Group also offers candy floss, more individually packaged confectionery and tasty Hombre Nuts, Chips etc.