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Nachos and dips are highly popular as a "side snack" in the cinema, the bar or even at sporting events and other leisure activities. The PCO Group has the right nacho equipment for various occasions and requirements at the cinema and the restaurant. Loose nachos are most easily brought to a comfortable "snacking temperature" in a nacho heater. An upgrade to the nacho circulated air heater for up to 6 kg of corn crisps, and the cheese dispenser with a heating cabinet for two bags, are recommended for a major rush of customers. Ready-to-serve portions of nachos and cheese dip in serving cups can be heated in nacho combo heaters. Dispensers for dips are not only available for warm sauces, but also for salsa and sour cream, which are stored and served at room temperature. Mobile stands for nachos are also ideal as additional, flexible sales stations during peak hours or at events.