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3D glasses RealD for adults
RealD 3D glasses for adults provide the three-dimensional...
3D glasses RealD for children
RealD 3D glasses for children allow small cinema visitors...
3D glasses RealD Clip ons
RealD 3D glasses Clip ons are plastic attachments for spe...
3D glasses Aviator for women
3D-glasses Aviator for women in a stylish pilot-look are ...
3D glasses Aviator for men
3D-glasses Aviator for men in a cool pilot-look, come wit...
3D glasses New Style
3D glasses New Style, black, are available in a box with ...
Display for used 3D glasses
Display for used 3D glasses, 400 x 400 x 800 mm.

3D glasses for diving into the third dimension

As a complete provider for movie cinemas, the PCO Group is an authorised RealD retailer and can provide you with original RealD glasses, including glasses for children.

Cleaning service for used 3D glasses

Also good to know: cinema owners can also have their used 3D glasses professionally cleaned with the PCO Group. After use, they are discarded by the cinema goers in a deposit bin with deposit slits. The 3D glasses collected in there are picked up. Glasses with large scratches are sorted out. The others are cleaned, disinfected, repackaged and sent back to the respective cinema. The PCO Group provides special glasses displays for the appropriate presentation.