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Towel Paper

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Kitchen rolls, 2-ply, come in packs of 32.
Crease paper with a Z-crease for the crease paper dispens...
Paper towel rolls natural, 1-ply, 350 m long, come in a p...
Paper towel rolls crepe, 1-ply, 200 m long, come in a pac...
Paper towel rolls, 2-ply, 138 m long, come in a pack of six.
Cleaning rolls, white, 2-ply come in a package of 2.

Paper towels for various dispensers

Also included among the hygiene and cleaning products from the PCO Group are paper towels in various styles. Among those to choose from are large rolls with single- or two-ply paper towels in white, or naturally coloured. Folding paper is available with various creases. Be it a large roll or folding paper - there is a suitable dispenser for every paper towel.