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Machines for Slush

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slushy machines for delicious slushies

All devices for making IceKing slushies can also be rented

The machines used to make ice-cooled IceKing slushies are available in various designs: Machines with one, two or three 10-litre containers as well as a machine with two 15-litre containers. These machines cool the delicious mixture of one part slushy syrup and seven parts water, and ensure through constant motion that the typical, semi-frozen consistency is maintained.

First-rate attention grabbers

The slushy machines are especially suitable for the front area of concession stands where the customers can watch the delicious slushy moving around. The pro devices of the PCO Group are equipped with lighting displays, are available with an auto-fill system and may be rented upon request. There are also stainless steel undercarriages where IceKing ingredients and packaging can be stored and easily accessed.