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Machines for IceKing lemonade

Ice-cooled lemonade from the bubbling fountain

The machines for IceKing lemonade are reminiscent of bubbling fountains. They help mix the special IceKing syrup with water, which can quickly be freshly poured as a refreshing and cool beverage. Their functionality differs from the machines for slushies and shakes, which produce semi-frozen drinks. Lemonade machines are equipped with two 12-litre containers for ice-cooled lemonade as well as a patented magnetic flange coupling. The benefit: The beverage containers have no direct contact to the motor and are easier to clean. IceKing lemonade and slushy syrup are available in the flavours Woodruff, Cherry, Orange, Peach-Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Forest Fruit, Melon, Raspberry and Pineapple. The fizzy beverage tastes best from IceKing lemonade cups with a dome lid and straw.