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Popcorn with special Design

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Popcorn with special designs - delicacies and treats for the eyes

Stars as well as athletic and seasonal designs decorate the packaging

All popcorn specialties from the PCO Group are available in various types of popcorn packaging - in bags, bowls and buckets - as well as popcorn with alternating special designs. Sweet popcorn, toffee popcorn and cocoa popcorn become a special treat for the eye with attractive special designs. For instance, special editions with designs from Vicky and the Strong Men, Maya the Bee, Janosch and Princess Lillifee have already been successfully implemented. Premium snacks are packaged in athletic wrapping with the Fun-Kicker product line. The football look sets the proper tone for any related event, from the tournament to the watch party of the game. Also available: popcorn with special designs for certain occasions like Easter, Christmas or Halloween. It is worth knowing that all packaging can also be printed with custom "private labels".