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Seasonal Articles
Seasonal Articles
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Seasonal products sweeten the high points of the year with popcorn

Popcorn specialties and accessories for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas

For occasions like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, the PCO Group offers seasonal products to be given as presents or as a festive snack, which can also be used as accessories when empty. For example, the Easter egg filled with cinema popcorn can be a special Easter surprise. Popcorn inside a Christmas tree is available for Christmas, and popcorn is sweetened up in a jack-o-lantern on the evening of 31 October. The ten single packs of popcorn are easy to hand out, and then the pumpkin - and the Christmas tree - can be used as lanterns with the LED tea light provided. The seasonal products include Easter, Halloween, and Christmas popcorn in correspondingly designed bags, cups, and tubs.